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Brochures give your products and services the best possible showcase, letting people know you are serious about your business. Product catalogues, holiday brochures, monthly publications, theatre guides, food guides whatever you need we can supply you with great quality printed brochures.

All types of binding styles are available to you from saddle stitched to perfect binding and spiral binding, to give your printed brochure or magazine the binding style you need. You can have thicker covers or you can have self covers which helps to keep costs down, if you have something in mind give us a call to help you with your needs.

We figure that to give you the best price and best quality means you will come back to us time and time again and also recommend us to your friends. That’s why our client base is getting bigger and bigger based on the quality and pricing we give our customers. With printed brochures, and printed magazines there are so many variants we ask for a chat with yourselves to establish the best solution so we can accurately quote.


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Event Tickets

Category : Print Media

We can print you the best tickets in the US because not only are our tickets high quality but they are also cheap. You get our crisp, clean colors and our expert design tips all for a very competitive price. When you buy from us you get a whole service as well as a great product.

You can get tickets for all sorts of events. The idea behind them is that they represent something else in an attractive way. For instance, when you get a raffle ticket and it has the numbers in a nice font and a fancy border it actually feels like it is worth something, the same is true for an entry ticket; fundamentally they just limit the number of people who can get into somewhere but they do it in a nice way that does not seem rude.

Tickets printing is perfect for use at almost any event. By giving people a ticket you make it more likely that they will attend and you also make it possible to make pre-sales and get a bit of a buzz going.

Since you can sell the tickets before the event rather than just on the door it means that you can gather people over the course of a few days or weeks rather than just on one night, On top of that, even if you are giving tickets out for free and plan to make money from inside the venue it makes it more likely that somebody will actually turn up as it will remind them about the event.


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Postcard Flyers

Category : Print Media

LMG Art & Design is THE flyer printing specialist (by the way some people spell as fliers), so if you want some flyers printed to the best quality for the best prices around then look no further. We print flyers for all sorts of people and businesses looking to promote themselves, nightclubs, restaurants, cleaning companies, events promotions, shops, tradesmen, sports events, schools, nursery schools, lots of business models should be using flyers as a cost effective way to engage with their potential clients and customers.

If you need a design we can help if you already have a design we can print it for you. We offer many variations from budget flyers, to standard specifications right through to high end premium flyers. There are so many variants available from 4×6 flyer printing, 5×7 flyer printing, 3×8 flyer printing, 6×8 flyer printing, 4×4 flyer printing, 3×5 flyer printing, 4×9 flyer printing and many many more options. We can do multiple packs/variants of flyers and give discounts based on this.

Full color print on or gloss paper or un-coated matte paper, the highest quality inks and presses color accuracy is guaranteed. All this at the best prices around, designed by us or you to supply.


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Business Cards

Category : Print Media

Business cards are among the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get your name out to the public. Unlike an email or Tweet that can be deleted with the click of a mouse, business cards are tangible evidence that your company is real, has something to offer and can be contacted when a prospective customer wants that something. Business cards also serve as a reminder of who you are long after a prospective customer receives one.

Most importantly, your business card provides a clear message about the essence of what your business does and how to get in touch with you. From this perspective, there are several key components to include when designing your business card.

  • Company Name | The name of your business should be clear and in a font size larger than the font used for other business information printed on the card.
  • Company Logo | Your company logo should be distinct and specific to your company image. There are several common logo design mistakes that you should avoid to ensure that your logo achieves the desired results. It pays to know what these are.
  • Your Name and Position (Title)| Set your name and title apart from other business card design elements so that they can be easily read. The old adage that it is not what you know but who you know in business holds true.
  • Colors | Choosing company colors is also important. All colors have meaning. Because of this, the colors you choose to represent your business will influence how people react.
  • Contact Information | Information about how to contact you and your business should be printed in legible, easy to read font and color. Like color, fonts also impact how people react and so it is useful to familiarize yourself with font tips and tricks of the trade. Business card contact information may include your email address, physical location, mailing address (if different), phone number (office and/or cell) and fax number.
  • Marketing Information | Because so many people turn to the Internet for information when making purchasing decisions, including your website address on your business card is very important. In addition and depending on space and design parameters, you may also choose to include details about any social media platforms that you participate in and want people to know about. 

The Backside as The Upside

Many businesses leave the back side of the business card blank. This is particularly useful for people who tend to write something on the back of the card to remind them where they met you or what they might want to do as a result of meeting you.

If your business involves providing appointments for customers, you may choose to print a form on the back of the card to facilitate entering in a date, time and location. This allows your business card to serve as both a marketing piece and an appointment reminder.


While all of this is straightforward enough, the last thing that any small business owner needs is one more thing to take care of.


Business cards are offered in a variety of premium card stocks. Your customers will be impressed with the vibrant colors and the lasting impression that these cards generate.

Leave a lasting impression with custom business cards. Printable on 16pt With or Without UV Coating card stock, your business cards can be made in standard, skinny or custom sizes. Make a business card using your social media like, LinkedIn, Facebook, or MySpace profile; customize an existing design; or create your own.

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